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We manufacture different types of trailers to suit unique applications and our tanker trailers and water trailers are no exception. Tell us what you need and we’ll build you a trailer to carry water or fuel using the very finest materials, helping you to transport fluids safely and easily. We listen, and we produce load carrying trailers that are perfect for commercial and agricultural use.

Water Trailers

Perfect for irrigation around the farm or for fire fighting applications, our water trailers are built to your specification. We manufacture water trailers that are durable, reliable and robust, built to the highest standards and made from the best possible materials.

Diesel Trailer

Can be supplied with or without a pump, 2500L steel tank

Diesel Tanker Trailers

Our purpose built diesel tanker trailers are ideal for general farm purposes. Use them to transport fuel to generators or agricultural machinery with speed and simplicity.

Pump and tank