Road Traffic Accidents: Taking a Look at the Numbers

There are now roughly 1.2 billion cars worldwide, with a world population of approximately 7.4 billion that is 6 people per every car. Young and older people are passing their tests and more and more cars are hitting the roads everyday, accidents are bound to happen, but are you aware just how deadly road traffic accidents are and how many lives they claim globally per year? You might be surprised.

There are approximately 1.3 million deaths caused from road traffic accidents each year, that represents around 2.2% of all 55.3 million approximate death globally. As well as this there are an estimated 20-50 million people left injured or disabled as a consequence of a road traffic accident. Many of these deaths are caused by drunk driving, distracted driving and general dangerous road behaviour.

Mobile phones are one of the biggest culprits of traffic accidents, we send around 8.3 TRILLION (Yes, trillion) text messages per year (This isn't including your WhatsApp, Twitter or Facebook messages). To put that number into perspective, that equates to 23 billion texts per day or 16 million texts per minute. That's like the entire population of Zambia (Pop: 15,933,883) sending one message each every minute.

Eritrea, Dominican Republic and Libya all come in as the top three most dangerous places to drive in the world with 48.4, 41.7 and 40.5 road deaths per 100,000 inhabitants