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Our Quad / Bike Trailers

Looking for an easy, secure way to transport your bike or quad? Our bike trailers  and are built to the highest standards possible. We listen to our clients and take time to understand what makes good quad trailers and work hard to complete a more than satisfactory product for our customers.

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Custom Bike  Trailers

Bike trailers made to your custom specification. 1, 2 or 3 bike trailers. 

3 Bike exec with steel floor

Custom build  bike trailers to go anywhere,

3 Bike trailer with a steel floor, 3 bike stoppers and nosecone. Protects your bike from the stone and mud while driving

3  Bike Basic Trailer

3 Bike basic trailer with Jerry can holder and nosecone

Bike and Quad Trailer

Bike and Quad Combo's

Make transporting your bikes and quads super simple. Our combo trailers can be customised to accommodate a combination of one, two, three, four, or even five bikes and quads. Call us today to discuss your requirements.

Heavy Duty Quad Trailers

Heavy duty quad trailers

Custom build quad trailers to go anywhere, anytime. This is a 3 quad Mozambique spec trailer with large 16" wheels and tyres.

3 Quad Family Trailer

3 Quad Family Trailer

Make transporting your quads super simple. Our quad trailers can be customised to accommodate one, two, three, four, or even five quads. Call us today to discuss your requirements.

1-3 bike easy load deck trailer

1-3 bike easy load deck trailer

1 Bike easy loading trailers start from R 16 900.00 and a 2 bike easy loading trailer sells from R 18 900.00. Excluding spare wheels and noscones

3 Bike Trailer exec

3 Bike Trailer 

This is an other custom build to the clients requirement. Aluminium nosecone and checkerplate floor. We can build to your requirements. 2, 3 or 4/5 bike trailers.

Colour coded bike trailers

Colour coded bike trailers

We manufacture 2, 3, 4 and 5 bike trailer to suite your requirements. We can colour the trailer to match your KTM, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, you chose the colour, no extra charge

Custom Built Bike Trailer

Custom built Bike trailer

Custom built executive bike transporter trailer. Built to clients specs. Bling your trailer as much as you want to, we can build it for you

Quad and side-by-side trailer

Quad and sidexside trailer

We build any size buggy or side x side trailer to your exact requirements

Bike and Quad Combo Trailer

Bike and Quad Combo Trailer

Trailer in view is 2200mm x 1600mm and is supplied with 2 ramps. 

Need to transport both your bike and your quad? We offer combo quad and bike trailers to make sure you have your four wheels and your two wheels ready for some off-road fun.

4 and 5 Bike trailers

4 and 5 Bike trailers

We manufacture 4 and 5 bike trailer to suite your requirements. Either rear loading or side loading, and light duty with 13" wheels or heavy duty with 14 or 15" wheels

2 Quad Side loading trailer

2 Quad side loading trailer

Side loading double quad trailers available. 

Add your own extra's like Jerry can holders, Nosecone or spare wheel, or add all 3 extra's and save on a free jerry can holder

Custom Built Bike Trailers

Custom build bike trailers

Bling your own custom design bike trailer. We very happy to custom design what YOU want.

This is a 3 off road bike easy loading trailer, orange for KTM

Ride-On Buggy Trailer

Ride on buggy trailer

Tilting trailer, ride on ride off, can be used for a side by side car or golf cart

3 Bike Exec Trailer

3 Bike exec trailer

2 Bike basic Bike trailer sell for as little as R 11 990.00 3 Bike basic trailers sell for as little as R 12 990.00. Excluding extras such as spare wheels, nosecones, bike channels / runners

2 Quad Trailer with Extra Storage Box

2 Quad with extra Storage box

Trailer in view is a 4000mm x 1800mm side loading trailer with a 1400mmx 800mm x 600mm storage box.

Want to carry some accessories with your quads? Our two quad extra storage box gives plenty of room for tools and everything else you want to take with you.

2 Bike with nosecone & spare wheel

Available from R 11 990.00 for the 2 bike basic, add R 1650.00 for the nosecone, R 890.00 for a spare wheel and R 395.00 for a jerry can holder. Take the full house trailer for R 14 500.00 a saving of R 425.00

2 and 3 Bike Trailers

2 and 3 bike trailers

We custom build any 2 and 3 bike trailers. You decide on jerry can holders, spare wheel, nosecones, we build it

Custom Built Trailers

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We custom build. Any trailer, any shape, and size, to YOUR requirements.

Visit the commercial page to see our wide range

Double Quad Tandem loading

Double quad Tandem loading

2 Quad Tandem loading. Load your quads from the rear with either a fold down tail gate or 2 loose ramps.

Basic Bike Trailer

1 Bike basic trailer

Entry level 1 bike trailer, supplied with loading ramp and 1 bike stopper.

Starting price of R 11 790.00 for the 1 bike and R 890.00 for the spare wheel

2 Quad Closed Trailer

2 Quad closed Trailer

Fully supplied 2 quad racing trailer. Supplied to customers specifications. 

Extras include, wheel racks, gazebo racks, jerry can holders, tool shelves and much more

2 Quad Closed Trailer Exec

2 Quad closed trailer exec

Fully supplied 2 quad racing trailer. Supplied to customers specifications.

Extras include, wheel racks, gazebo racks, jerry can holders, tool shelves and much more

2 Quad Side Loading

2 Quad side loading

Trailer in view is 3000mm x 1800mm. It has a spare wheel and a nosecone and is supplied with 2 loading ramps.

2 & 3 Quad with nosecone & jerry can

Trailer in view is 3600mm x 1800mm. With Nosecone. Sapre wheel and Jerry can holder.

Golf Cart Trailers

Golf Cart Trailers

We supply tilting ride on rode off Golf Cart Trailers, or we supply with a loading drop down tail gate. Golf Cart trailers from R 12 900.00 excluding spare wheels, but including tilting mechanism and hydraulic shock to asisst with tilting

Custom built 2/3/4 Loading Bike Trailers

Custom built 2-3-4 loading Bike Trailers

We Custom build any Bike Trailer to your requirements. NO extra chatge for Customisation.

Side-by-Side/Buggy trailers

Side x Side or Buggy trailers

Exec trailer supplied for the loading of side by side or buggy type vehicles

3  Bike Basic trailer

3 Bike trailers supplied with a mesh floor, 3 bike stoppers, Nosecone, and jerry can holder

3/4 Quad Trailer Large

3/4 Quad trailer Large

Trailer in view is a 4000mm x 1900mm 3 quad trailer or a 4 quad trailer if you have family quads

Supplied with a braked or unbraked axel, and heavy duty 14" wheels and tyres

3 quad Family trailer

Trailer in view is a 3600mm x 1800mm trailer for 2 large quads and 1 smaller quad 

Supplied with either 13 or 14" wheels and tyres

3 Bike exec

Trailer in view is a  2400mm x 1800mm 3 bike trailer with wheel tracks, 3 front wheel grabbers and nosecone, jerry can holder .

2 Bike easy loading trailer

Supplied with aluminium checker plate floor, 2 bike auto lockers, nosecone and spare wheel

1 & 2 Bike Easy Loading Trailers

1 and 2 Bike easy loading trailers

Make loading your bikes for transport simple with our easy loading trailers. Simply push them on, and lock them in place. It couldn’t be any easier

5 Quad Trailer

5 Quad Trailer

Trailer in view is 6000mm x 1900mm. Supplied with Double axel and braking system. Using a 76x38x6mm Channel iron A Frame.